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Oh, Hey It’s a Bounce Back Giveaway…

It’s August in the Bay Area…aka the one month of the year where Karl Fog Monster stays around and yet its oddly warm. Ha! But seriously, its nice to have a little bit of sunshine, even if I’m going to spend most of that time working on something new. Nothing on that for now, but there is still good stuff for y’all below!


First things first, I’m so excited for the release of my second novel and so to celebrate I’m giving away THREE signed ARCs of The Bounce BackClick here to read the rules and enter the giveaway. 

Picture of the cover of The Bounce Back, which is purple with pink hearts in the background. The title is in a yellow script font. A man and a woman are both holding greeting cards and looking over their shoulder and standing on either side of a card rack
I know, Liz Casal Goodhue did an amazing job on this cover, too!

Don’t want to pin your hopes on a giveaway? You can pre-order The Bounce Back from AmazonBarnes and Noble, BookShopIndie Bound or wherever you get your books.

Pressy Stuff

The Checklist was featured on Frolic’s Summer Bucket List, and Buzzfeed’s Romance Novels You Need To Read This Summer. It was also featured as a Summer Reading on the Misfit’s Guide To Writing Indie Romance!

And, Publisher’s Weekly reviewed The Bounce Back and said:

“Woolridge’s introspective narrative tackles the limiting behaviors that stem from comparison and failure. Focusing first on the growth of the characters, Woolridge makes every connection feel genuine and the romance well-deserved for both Neale and the audience.”

I know–pinch me, I’m dreaming!


I’m super excited to be joining the San Mateo Library‘s Romance Authors Day reading on August 21 from 3-4pm. If you live in the Bay Area stop by the reading day and say hi!

Also, if you missed the Romance Slam Jam Convention set a reminder for next year. The event was so much fun and I fully plan to attend again (hopefully in person sometime)!

This and That

If you are signed up for my newsletter, I hope you enjoyed the story I shared! If you aren’t signed up, and you want sneak peeks and special stories, you can sign up here.

And, if you aren’t on Instagram, you may have missed the pictures below. Enjoy!

Addie Woolridge holding a cocktail that is purple with an orange slice and silver straw. She is wearing black with sunglasses on the told of her head and her nail polish is red.
I’m pretty obsessed with the signature cocktail from my cousin’s birthday party (Yes, we do signature cocktails at family gatherings!)
A chocolate desert in a blue bowl, covered in flowers and pieces of citrus fruit.
Possibly the most beautiful I have ever eaten (from Ettan…omm nom!)
Addie holding a bunch of pink packages containing books. She is wearing glasses and her hair is in a messy bun. Her nail polish is red.
Just a casual mailing ARCs photo…I’m super chill…not!

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