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July is Starting Out With A Bang

First in the biggest of the Big News…The Bounce Back officially has a cover and a release date—October 26, 2021

…and not because it is fireworks season. Ha! Seriously, last month was such a whirlwind of activity and it hasn’t slowed down yet. That said, I did find a little bit of time to relax, visit Los Angeles and read a good book.

Author-ish New

First in the biggest of the Big News…The Bounce Back officially has a cover and a release date—October 26, 2021. To pre-order The Bounce Back, visit: Amazon, BookShop, Barnes and Noble, Indie Bound, or talk to your favorite bookseller. Check it out below and let me know what you think!

A picture of a book cover, with the title The Bounce Back in yellow. The background is purple with pink hearts and there is a couple standing on the front holding greeting cards and smiling.
Cover by the fabulous Liz Casal Goodhue!

If you are a reviewer, you can pick up a copy on Netgalley.

If you aren’t, don’t worry! I’m going to do a special giveaway for my newsletter readers, so if you aren’t signed up, hop over here and get yourself on the list so you can be notified of the details.


I almost fell over when I saw The Checklist on so many amazing roundups, including:

I was also on the Leo Yockey show, which was so much fun! Leo’s show is perfect for anyone who is thinking about their own personal development, so if you want to listen to a diverse set of individuals who are actively finding their voice across a number of industries, check him out!

Finally, the thing I am most proud of is this peice I wrote for Shondaland about my Grandmama, my name and the nearness of history. I had literally every feel writing it, and I hope you enjoy it.

The image is of the Addie Woolridge's grandmother holding her and smiling when she was a baby. Addie is wearing a blue dress and holding a blue toy. Her grandmama has on a black and white blouse and gold earings.


I am super excited to join the list of presenters for the Willamette Online Writers Conference, July 29, 2021—August 1, 2021. If you want to learn more about writing romance and tropes, register for the conference! Want to write, but not sure that romance is for you? That’s okay, they have some amazing speakers from across all different genres, so you still belong there! To find out more and register, click here.

Also, in case you missed it, you can still catch the recording of Jennifer Probst, Sariah Wilson and me talking books, debut novels and humiliating celebrity encounters over on the Ripped Bodice’s Facebook page.

What I’m Reading

Network Effect by Martha Wells–I love me some Murberbot and now that I am on the otherside of The Checklist launch, I am finally getting caught up on my TBR.

This and That

Just a couple of shots from my time in LA. I took a short trip to celebrate one of my besties who is about to have a baby. It was so good to see her and spend time with the friend-fam after so long apart. (And, yes. I do have matching auntie-baby outfits planned for us!)

Addie Woolridge is holding a copu of the book, The Checklist, which has a pink and orange cover and two people standing close together. In the background is the Los Angeles skyline. She is smiling and wearing glasses and a white dress with orange flowers on it.
Me, my new glasses, my book and an amazing view of downtown Los Angeles.
A picture of the sun setting over the Los Angeles skyline. It is taken from a rooftop.
The view from the rooftop of my hotel (the Ace).
A picture of California's rolling hills. They are golden and dotted with green trees.
Just a casual California countryside view from the train…no big deal.
A very close up photo of Addie. Her hair is pulled back and she is wearing glasses and a brightly colored mask and  holding a cup of coffee
Why I decided a 6am flight needed to be my first flight in a year and a half is the real question…oof!

2 replies on “July is Starting Out With A Bang”

Great update Addie! You’ve been busy. I love the new cover and your piece about Grandmama. Keep up the good work!

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