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Thanks 2020 aka Lessons!

Typically, I write a list of all of the things I have learned (or, often relearned) while travel. In 2020 I didn’t traveling much and I learned a lot of lessons I did not want to learn. So, instead of my usual format, I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and do a year in pictures!


All kinds of the good book stuff happened last year and I am over the moon about it! First, my debut novel, The Checklist, was acquired and officially hits shelves June 1, 2021.

Me getting ARC’s in the mail for the first time!
ALL The Checklist ARCs!

I also got to do my first author event, and had a blast chatting with Lauren, Jayci and Brittainy a few months back at the virtual Ripped Bodice. In case you missed it, you can still watch the stream here!

Yellow Skies of Doom

I have lived in California for a years now, and last year, the state caught fire in a way I had never seen before. It was weeks of unbreathable air, but it also produced one of the creepiest skies in history.

Sky of actual doom. Taken on my real camera, not an iPhone, because the color correct would have destroyed how bizarre this was.

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway

Over the summer, I took exactly one trip–a road trip up the coast to see my parents. I’d always wanted to drive up the PCH, but it takes forever and I just hadn’t made time for it. In 2020, the pandemic made time for me, and although leaving my house was terrifying, I was so glad I finally made the gorgeous drive up the coast. At some point, I’ll have to write about my trip, but for now, enjoy the pictures.

Point Reyes, CA
Pygmy Forest, Mendocino, CA. Y’all these are tiny trees!
Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA
Redwoods in California. They are truly massive and magnificent!
Bandon, Oregon
Seaside, Oregon

Slices of Life

And, because this year was weird, I have to share some of the weird stuff that just made me cackle!

Just me and my new sea lion friend on the Oregon Coast…as one does.
One could ask why I took this picture. But the better question is, how do I get a human sized rabbit topiary?
Just about to hit the oysters and outdoor dining!
If someone had told me I was going to spend my second to last day pre-quarantine at the Museum of Ice Cream, I would have said, “That’s a decent use of my time!”
Just a little brother, a boat, and some really lovely water.
You know you have a true friend when they spend quarantine making you Chief Keef inspired subversive cross stitch.
I paid $10 to drive through a tree so you don’t have to.
If you don’t have a truly odd selfie on your camera roll, you didn’t do 2020.

Happy 2021, all!

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