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So Long 2018 – Lessons I Got Outta Last Year

2018 was a big year. With that, I picked up a few lessons, some equally big and a few small, but helpful. Here is what I learned, or relearned, traveling and eating this year:

  • Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is sit down and have a drink. You can’t make flights run on time, TSA shorter, or your family reunion less terrifying, but you can stop out and relax. Sit at the airport bar and get a coke. Spend the money for a glass of wine on the plane. Take grandma’s flask and hide in a closet.
  • It pays to talk to strangers (in well lit, safe spaces). Some of the best tips I got for where to eat and what to see were from grocery store clerks, cab drivers and other people waiting to cross the street. If you want to see a place the way a local does, you have to talk to them.
  • Alone time has a place and a time. And, that time is whenever you need it.
Travel Photos Gone Wrong (13 of 14)
When you ask for a glass of wine on a long-delayed plane and they give you a tumbler full!
Proof that the Google Overlords aren’t *quite* ready for the takeover. As long as you are in a national park, anyway.

Travel Photos Gone Wrong (6 of 14)

  • Have dinner with a language barrier. You will be surprised by how much common ground you can still find when no one at the table has the perfect vocabulary.
  • Set travel goals, or you won’t go anywhere.
  • Learn how the nighttime setting on your camera works before you need it.
  • You can never have too many photos of food you enjoyed or baby animals.
  • Don’t count on there ever being a time when you have both your health and wealth in order to travel. There is always something “better” to do with your money. See the world now. It isn’t promised tomorrow.
Travel Photos Gone Wrong (5 of 14)
What traveling with the family really looks like.

DSC00439Travel Photos Gone Wrong (3 of 14)Travel Photos Gone Wrong (4 of 14)

  • Don’t be afraid to serve your good friends your ugly food…as long as it tastes good, they will appreciate the gesture!
  • Even if you have made a loaf of bread 50 times, you can still mess up. It’s worth taking on a beginners mindset and asking yourself why (hint, make sure you leave it to prove on a flat surface unless you want wavy bread).
  • Invest in what you love and the rest will sort itself. That doesn’t mean shirk the day job. It means work two if you need to support your dream.
  • It is better to be a little tired and be doing what you love then well rested and stir crazy.
Travel Photos Gone Wrong (1 of 14)
When a bad angle cuts off a balloon dog’s nose.
Travel Photos Gone Wrong (2 of 14)
I call this one overexposed tacos, or what most pictures of food look like on an iphone!
Travel Photos Gone Wrong (11 of 14)
Yup. I travel super glam.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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