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What is Time? Lessons I Learned in 2019

Alternatively titled; How I Learned to Take a Break.

You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet around here. I needed a break, so I took one (with only minimal amounts of guilt involved). Basically, I over-committed myself and had to do a little back burnering. Between writing a new book, polishing another, and other life commitments, I had my hands full. However, I didn’t forget about y’all!

So, in the spirit of New Year Spring, aka my (second) favorite time of year, below is a list of some of the things I learned at the end of the decade.

  1. Order the car now. The price will never be better in 15 minutes. Save yourself the heartache, time, and seven additional dollars, and just order the damn car.
  2. Perseverance always requires you to persevere for much longer than you think you need too. Buckle in and keep at it. Eventually, it will pay off.
  3. Make peace with your body.
Indian at JazFest (New Orleans 2019)
An Indian coming off stage at Jazzfest. (New Orleans 2019)
When beer walk meets pancho walk. (New Orleans, 2019)
When a bachelorette party gets class. (Lake Tahoe, 2019)
  1. It is a scientific law that you will only wear half of what you pack, no matter how little you pack.
  2. A good mentor has a much greater value in hindsight than they do in the moment.
  3. Gratitude often goes a long way…except when it doesn’t. That said, I have never regretted being grateful. Especially when I needed to ask for more than what I had.
  4. I relearned that the people who love me are in my corner, even when they are working my last nerve.
  5. It is okay to ask the question, “Do I really need to wash my hair?”, have the answer be “Yes”, and still not do it. That’s what headscarves and hats are for.
What you send someone when they text you a work question after hours.
30+ years of this view and I’m still not tired of it. (Sonoma, 2019)
The Johnny Cash Museum. (Nashville, 2019)
  1. The ability to crack a joke is a gift. You can withhold humor or deploy it as you see fit.
  2. It is okay to be afraid of your inbox some times.
  3. Realism can be disappointing, especially when it revolves around your own limitations.
  4. Narrowing your scope can lead to great things.
  5. Good or bad, it will be there tomorrow.
  6. Never let anyone shame you for hope. It is the best four letter word, and if you use it as often as you use other four letter words, you’ll be golden.
When your mom spends her birthday in prison. (Alcatraz, 2019)
PG&E blackouts got nothing on Pope Francis.
When you are having a hotel party. (New York, 2019)
NBD, just my brothers band on the marquee. (San Francisco, 2019)