New York: Art, Food and More Art

I made a short stop over in NYC to spend time with family and friends just after Thanksgiving. New York is one of those towns that you can spend a lifetime in and never do enough, so below is the shortest of short wrap-ups and recommendations!

I had the chance to see some dear childhood friends who live in Queens. Making the most of our time, and the incredibly cold weather, we decided to stop by the Finback Brewery. I’d never been before but will certainly go again. As natives of the Northwest, we are skeptical about our beers and don’t trust just any plaid shirt to brew or make a recommendation. Finback did not let us down. They have a host of wonderful craft beers, a staff who understands exactly what you are looking for when you say “I want a better version of a Corona,” and tons of space to play games or just sit and chat.

I also caught up with a friend at The Park, which has the sort of magical ambiance that I have missed since we took big-girl jobs and left Los Angeles. Imagine having lunch in a combination secret garden/smoking room. Then add a lovely cup of coffee and you have The Park.


I always make time for a museum or two in NYC, and this go round was no exception. I enjoyed a free Friday night at the MoMA, specifically to check out the Francis Picabia exhibit. I didn’t know much about his work, but by four rooms in, I was convinced he was a genius and moved to tears. This is another artist to keep an eye out for at your local museum, or on your travels, and enjoy as soon as you can.

Pro Tip: Accept that the MoMA will be packed with tourists behaving like Neanderthals on a free Friday*. Download the free museum app, bring headphones, take deep breaths and enjoy the show. It will block out the noise and people who think sitting in the middle of the floor is a good idea, and make the whole thing a delightful, self-guided tour!

Jos At Brunch
Cousin and the pancakes of doom!

My cousin and I also made our way to Williamsburg for brunch at Le Barricou. The staff was lovely and decided we needed a free drink, just because we did (and boy did we!). The giant baked pancake is to die for and the cocktails will make you glad you waited in the snow.

Finally, I made a brief stop by The Met, because I can’t not go say hello to the Egyptian exhibit (don’t judge me, I was a very nerdy kid) and to check out the Max Beckmann exhibit. Did I cry over his work? No. But it was still fun to learn about him, and his place in the art world.

Disclaimer: If you are following along on the social medias, you know I also stopped by my hometown a couple of times, but I think a Seattle post will have to be its own thing.

*Thanks, UNIQLO it’s awesome!

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